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Cupressus Sempervirens var. Pyramidalis Totam

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EXIF Information:

Orientation of image: left side; bottom
Image resolution in width direction: 180/1
Image resolution in height direction: 180/1
Unit of X and Y resolution: inch
Y and C positioning: center of pixel array
Exposure time: 1/250, F number: 4/1
Image compression mode: 3/1
Shutter speed: 255/32, Aperture: 4/1
Exposure bias: 0/1
Maximum lens aperture: 92/32
Metering mode: multi-segment
Lens focal length: 6/1
Color space information: RGB
Interoperability Identification: R98
Focal plane X resolution: 2816000/225
Focal plane Y resolution: 2112000/169
Focal plane resolution unit: inch
Sensing method: one-chip color area sensor
Exposure mode: auto exposure
Digital zoom ratio: 1/1


Name: Cupressus Sempervirens var. Pyramidalis Totam. Search in Google Additional information form Wikipedia
Category: wild flowers (in Israel), garden flowers, trees.
Blooming season: spring.
Flowers' color: yellow.
Flowers' size: small.
Native to: Middle East and Europe.


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